Terms and Conditions

Iteritaly.com offers users the opportunity to book online the personalised services and packages advertised and provides a ‘virtual shop window’ for the partners who have joined it. It is a platform which will act as an intermediary for the services offered to users.
Therefore, Iteritaly.com does not organise its own tourism packages, the respective travel service contracts are concluded exclusively between the users and the relevant service provider. Iteritaly.com is not responsible for the correct execution, the non-fulfilment or for damages arising from the contracts concluded between the user and the service provider.

Use of this website implies the total acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein, which you are invited to read carefully.
Iteritaly.com reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without prejudice to the rights acquired by users who already have confirmed bookings. The user guarantees that they will not use this website for any purpose which would be contrary to current law or forbidden by the terms of use, by the conditions or by the notes described herein.


  1. Services: definitions
  2. Booking
  3. Prices
  4. Payment methods
  5. Terms for the cancellation/modification of bookings
  6. Service provision
  7. Carrier’s liability
  8. Third party liability
  9. Liability for non-fulfilment
  10. Privacy policy
  11. Copyright
  12. Cookies
  13. Links to other websites
  14. Competent court
  15. Third party listings or promotions

1) Services: The services offered by Iteritaly.com should be deemed to include solely those described for each service, in the description provided by the website. Anything which is not specified is not deemed to form part of the service, thus the user may request clarification and/or further information at any time by email to the address shown in the ‘contacts’ section.
Vehicle Hire with Driver: The driver of the vehicle cannot be asked to perform any additional services other than providing transport and any other service which the latter may offer in a personal capacity is not commissioned or in any way guaranteed or authorised by Iteritaly.com.
Guided Visits and Tours: Guided visits and tours of cities and principal monuments offered by the indicated partner agency provide, based on the options selected by the user: accompaniment by a professional tourist guide, the purchase of tickets to access the preselected monuments and any additional sponsored events on Iteritaly.com. Iteritaly.com is not responsible for the services provided by the partners shown, whom the user should contact directly in the event of cancellation and/or refund for services purchased from the company shown.
Any advance sale and/or tickets purchased are only refundable by the reseller authorised when such items are issued and shown on the website.
Events: Iteritaly.com also offers many customisable events, such as stag and hen parties, private celebrations, etc., which are deemed to be accepted as described on this website. Any modification to the service must be agreed beforehand and may result in a change to the price previously published on the website.

2) Booking. The services offered on Iteritaly.com can only be booked by the completion of the appropriate form online in the ‘booking’ section, by a user who has reached the age of majority (under article 2 of the Italian Civil Code), i.e. 18 years of age.
Any communications regarding bookings made by via fax, email or telephone will not be considered and will not be valid for the conclusion of a sale. However, the user may request specific services via email, the availability of which may be confirmed by Iteritaly.com.
By making a booking by the agreed method, the user confirms their acceptance of the terms and conditions for use of the website as well as the conditions for sale of the services selected. The sending of the booking form includes the obligation to pay the cost of the services as set out in articles 1173 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code. Upon receipt of the booking request and subsequent payment, the user will receive a booking confirmation email.
However, reservations are only valid if made at least 24 hours before the beginning of the service. In order to give time to our team to arrange it.
In order to use the service booked, the user must present a valid identification document and agree to the processing of their personal data as specified in the ‘Privacy Policy’ section.
With the booking, the user undertakes to provide the information requested and to present a valid identification document at the time of use of the service: failure to meet this obligation on the part of the user may result in forfeiture of the right to use said service by the user, without the right to a refund, under the terms and effects of articles 1206 and 1207 of the Italian Civil Code.
The user also agrees to provide all the information relating to the service booked (such as places and times of arrival and departure, etc.): any incorrect information provided by the user will release Iteritaly.com from any liability with regard to any disruption.

3) Prices. The prices shown on the website are inclusive of VAT and are deemed to include only the items specified for each service and per person, unless otherwise expressly stated.
They do not include, in any case, personal insurance or luggage insurance, tourist taxes, personal expenditure or tips, any additional charges for services not included in the booking or compensation for damages in the event of injury to property or persons by the user. By booking, the user agrees to accept the quoted price and to provide the information required for invoicing.

4) Payment methods. Payment for the cost of the service booked should be made solely online, on the appropriate part of the website, by PayPal or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).
Following receipt of confirmation of payment, the contract is concluded for all legal purposes and Iteritaly.com will issue an invoice relating to the operation, which will be sent to the user solely by email to the address of the latter as provided at the time of booking.
In the event of failure of the payment operation, the booking will not be recorded and both parties are free from any contractual commitment and/or obligations.

5) Terms for the cancellation/modification of bookings (right to withdraw and reimbursement). The booking may be cancelled and/or modified, but only by sending an email to the address shown on the website, up to 24 hours before the chosen date. The refund of the cost will be made in the following manner:

  1. up to 72 before: The user has the right to a refund of the cost up to 100% of the amount paid.
  2. up to 48 hours before: The user has the right to a refund of the cost up to 50% of the total amount paid.
  3. 24 hours before: The user will not be entitles to any refund.
The user also has the right to a refund of the amount paid, in accordance the above conditions, only in the event of total failure of the service on the part of Iteritaly.com.
Any delays, partial fulfilment or later damages caused to the user are not refundable under any circumstances.
In the case of deposit payment, the user have to integrate the payment of the remaining sum according to the above terms.

6) Service provision: the service booked will be provided in accordance with the method selected at the time of booking. The carrier reserves the right to delay and/or bring forward the service for a length of time no longer than 30 minutes, depending on road conditions and city traffic.
Liability in relation to means and correct provision of the service falls exclusively on the carrier booked, therefore the user can under no circumstances make claims against Iteritaly.com for any disruption caused by the carrier, as stated in point 7 below.
The user agrees, having booked the transport service, to behave in a proper and respectful manner on board the vehicle. To this end, passengers are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink on board the vehicle and it should be noted that the cost of any damage to the inside of the vehicle will charged to the user. Any conduct likely to endanger the driving of the vehicle by the carrier is strictly forbidden on pain of immediate suspension to the service.
Equally, the user agrees to treat the carrier with respect and courtesy and not to use offensive or injurious language against the latter on pain of suspension of the service.
The carrier is also authorised not to allow persons in an obvious state of inebriation or under the influence of drugs onto the vehicle, where such a state would pose a serious danger to the driving conditions of the vehicle.
In the situations mentioned above of suspension of the service due to behaviour of the user, there will be no right to claim a refund and/or return of the price paid. Such action gives Iteritaly.com and/or the carrier the right to file a claim for compensation for any damages caused by the user under article 2043 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code.

7) Carrier’s liability. Any damage caused to users by delay or failure to operate the transport service is the exclusive and direct responsibility of the carrier in charge of the service, who is solely liable for the duty to provide transport under article 1218 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code. Therefore, any claim and/or request for compensation relating to the transport service should be submitted to the relevant carrier, upon request to Iteritaly.com, if needed, for the contacts required for such action.

8) Third party liability. Iteritaly.com is also not responsible for any damage caused to the user by third parties during the provision of the services booked.

9) Liability for non-fulfilment. For any other case of liability, both on the part of the user and of Iteritaly.com, please refer specifically to the provisions of article 1218 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code.

10) Privacy policy. In order to book services, the user agrees to provide the required personal information: first and last name, address, identity document valid under the rules of their country of residence, and any other information needed for invoicing purposes. The user undertakes to provide genuine information and not to use pseudonyms, invented names and/or false identities. Iteritaly.com reserves the right to check the information provided, with all the consequences of the law and can under no circumstances be held liable for false information provided by the user.
To this end, Iteritaly.com reserves the right to terminate the contract and cancel the booking, if the information provided should prove to be inaccurate or false, under the meaning of and for the purposes of articles 1453 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code.
Iteritaly.com guarantees the right to privacy, in accordance with the provisions of the Italian law on privacy, il Codice sulla Privacy (D.Lgs. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments), undertaking not to divulge, transmit or communicate the user’s personal information beyond the staff responsible for the services and where strictly necessary for the service requested.

11) Copyright. All of the contents and publications present on the website are the exclusive property and/or subject to exclusive licences for use owned by Iteritaly.com and are protected under Italian law and international law relating to copyright. This website is designed for personal and not commercial use by the user. The user may not download, copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, licence, display, perform or adapt any information, product or service obtained from this website, without express written consent, even if for not for profit purposes.

12) Cookies. Iteritaly.com informs the user that the website may use ‘cookies’ to analyse the paths users take through the website and other behaviour and so improve the user experience. The user may alter the configuration of their browser to disallow, display before accepting or delete cookies. Such configurations may prevent access to some parts of the website or hinder navigation.

13) Links to other websites. This website may contain links to third party websites. The links are provided solely for the user’s convenience. Iteritaly.com does not control such websites and is not responsible for their contents. The provision of links does not imply approval of all the content of such websites or that the owner has any links with its promoters.

14) Competent court. This agreement is governed by the laws of Italy. The user accepts the sole jurisdiction of the court of Rome, Italy, in all disputes arsing from or relating to use of this website, with the exception of disputes governed by consumer law under article 63 of the Italian consumer Code D.Lgs. n. 206/2003. In the event that any of the provisions of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ should be deemed invalid, illegal or otherwise inapplicable, that provision will be deleted from this agreement. The rest of this agreement will remain in full force and effect. The parties fully understand and accept the clauses herein relating to the use of this website.

15) Third party listings and promotions; products and services of third parties. Iteritaly.com may publish advertising listings from third parties on the website and may otherwise provide information about or links to products or services offered by third parties on the website. Your commercial dealings or correspondence with said third parties, and any terms and conditions, guarantees or legal representations associated with such dealings will be solely between you and such third parties. Iteritaly.com is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind occasioned by such dealings or resulting from the presence of such promotions not originating from Iteritaly.com or third party information on the website.